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The sleekly modern restaurant features a dramatic and creative menu without losing the essence of the culture. The well-trained Asian chef wows his customers by giving classic, inspired Chinese and Asian culinary delectable. Each dish is an amazing combination of fresh ingredients and exotic flavors. The food is served in the finely decorated round bar, which is located in the center of the dinning room.

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He continued down to the bottom horizontal ropes and repeated what he had done above. Except this time, he continued across my sides and slightly around to my back, which was arched with my cuffed hands and the pillow under me. The tremors traveling across my skin echoed in my inhale and exhale.

A slight shift up caused the backs of his fingers to brush under my breasts.

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" My chin trembled in his fingertips. His eyes had lost some of their spark, and his smile had fallen. He seemed to be struggling as much as I was.

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