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Admitting handicapped adults to group homes

Tanya J. Peterson Group homes for mentally ill adults can be sources of support and stability.

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Read full series and continuing coverage To circumvent state secrecy, the Tribune filed more than public records requests with government agencies. But state files were so heavily redacted and unreliable that the newspaper had to build its own databases by mining state investigative files, court records, law enforcement cases, industry reports, federal audits, grant awards and Medicaid data. The Tribune found at least 42 deaths linked to abuse or neglect in group homes or their day programs over the last seven years. Residents fatally choked on improperly prepared food, succumbed to untreated bed sores and languished in pain from undiagnosed ailments.

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Print Text Size In December , I watched year-old Andrew Parles fit wood shapes into a simple puzzle in the new vocational building at the Bancroft Lakeside Campus, a residential program in New Jersey that serves 47 adults with autism and intellectual disabilities. A staff member stood nearby—not hovering, exactly, but close enough to intervene if Andrew suddenly started to hit himself in the head. I toured the campus, admiring the cathedral ceilings and brightly painted exteriors, thinking how perfect a place like this would be for my year-old son Jonah, who is also severely autistic and will require round-the-clock supervision his entire life. In , the federal government asked each state to define exactly what types of vocational and residential settings would be eligible to receive federal funding.

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There is no "assistive living" like we think of for older adults but rather residential treatment centers, group homes, and youth nursing homes run by state social services agencies or by privately owned organizations. Health insurance may cover some of the treatment, if they qualify. Helping families find residential treatment centers, group homes, and youth nursing homes for young adults are available but require a lot of research to make sure there is a good match between the program's services and the individual's needs.

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What has been made clear is that the quality of the service provider, the training of their staff, and their commitment to the residents is largely dependent on the particular group home provider. Q: What is and who typically lives in a group home? A: Group homes aka Adult Residential Facilities are homes for adults with developmental disabilities.

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At group homes, there is always someone to make sure everyone is accounted for, safe, clothed and appropriately fed. Many group homes also have a treatment team that can manage things like appointments, medication schedules, transportation and finances.

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Privately run group homes do not have government oversight unless they receive government funding. A nonprofit or government-run facility must adhere to certain rules and regulations, which can determine to whom they may provide services.

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