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Parents absolutely should be monitoring their teen's activities — both online and off. And as she explains, here's why: 1.

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But, before we get to the subject of spying on your child, I want to talk a little about our kids and their need for privacy as they grow. Young Kids and Privacy When a child is little, there is virtually no separation. Think about it, children are typically held by their parents or caregivers for substantial portions of the day.

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That having been said, the OP doesn't really specify what they mean by spying. That is important information necessary to answer this question. Spying implies at least an attempt at secrecy.

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Share this article Share The year-old also spied on a friend of his girlfriend having sex, and recorded a female lodger in the bathroom and bedroom. Helps was caught when a year-old girl spotted a man's hand holding a black iPhone under a cubicle door at the Olympiad leisure centre in Chippenham, Wiltshire.

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I know we hadn't planned it. I-" "Oh, Holly. " He pulled back and shook his head. The back of his fingers caressed my forehead and face, his eyes shiny now.

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His cock bobbed slightly from its elevated position, and I licked my lips. Any thoughts of having the privilege of sucking it, though, were dashed when he maneuvered between my legs and sat back down.

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Apparently, Chris had other plans. It was déjà vu waking to the smell of turkey. The sounds of Christmas music. I thought I was dreaming again, just like last year.

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Beneath him, my body continued shaking from my sudden release. The headboard creaked and groaned from the force of my hands yanking on the rope.

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