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Print Article AA Dear Mexican: I'm not Mexican or from a Spanish-speaking country , but I get mad when the gabachos in my town say that all Mexican girls do is take drugs and get pregnant, drop out of school and end up on welfare. I know a lot of Mexican women who haven't done any of these things, who have gone to college and gotten high-paying jobs.

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This disparity has led researchers and program administrators alike to ask themselves…how much of Latino teen pregnancies are intended? It is not an unusual question since the number of unintended pregnancies is quite high.

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Additionally, Latinas are more-likely-than any other race to have a repeat birth before the age of Numerous believe the subject the issue still persists mainly due to not enough information being provided just a ton of rules and regulations that are not fully established or discussed.

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I grabbed my jeans and sat on the edge of the bed. "Is it the same spot as last year?" "It should be. We'll find out when we get there.

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