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Here are some great Jokes! In the Groove A hippy walks into a Bar and Grill. The waiter comes up to him and asks him if he wants anything. So the Hippy says 'Yeah a cheeseburger.

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If anything happens, call the police and hide in your closet. Dad: He knows that. Chowder: DJ opens lock, to secret room in basement We have a pin pon table in our basement Chowder: [DJ opens lock, to secret room in basement] We have a ping pong table in our basement. Chowder: Try to be cool and calm like me actidantly turns on bulldozer they are in, carzing him to childlessly freak out Chowder: Try to be cool and calm like me.

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The lines at the two different coffee vendors I was familiar with were a clear sign they were going to make a killing today. and there probably wasn't a chance I'd get my favorite drink.

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Life kept dealing me blows. This one had knocked me flat on my back, and I couldn't find the strength to get back up again. I fell asleep with tears drying on my face and my heart feeling crushed.

The next morning, I found cans of chicken noodle soup and clear juice stocked in the kitchen; tissues and pain relievers in the bathroom; and bedding folded on the ottoman.

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My ankle. One hand clamping down whenever I flinched. My breath hissed between my clenched teeth.

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