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I'm here to try to answer some of your questions and hopefully make the experience you're about to have a little easier. There's a standard coming-out narrative that is available to most gay men. This seems to complicate things, but it really doesn't, at least not for you. You know who you are.

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A while back, while we were dining over fine cuisine at the Waffle House, a friend of mine asked if I had ever considered the fact that my ex-boyfriend was … I stopped her right there, because I knew exactly what she was going to say, and I confirmed her sentiment. She then became incredulous as to how I could be so nonchalant about the fact that my ex-boyfriend probably slept with other men.

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If any other readers are females, you try and tell me that can work out. I was very nervous so she and I kissed and talked and touched each other for about 30 minutes before her husband came in the room. I tried to ignore and pretend he was not there but it was a disaster. I smelled his cologne.

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So what's it like? Awesome, predominantly. Being bi and married to my dude is a wonderful and fulfilling situation, mostly because he is excellent and accepts all my parts, including the bits that like another gender. But together we have discovered that, through no conscious fault of our own, we confuse people.

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Photo credit: Rawpixel. I couldn't tell you the number of times I was asked this question while I was dating my girlfriend now ex-girlfriend monogamously. I know the answer people expect me to say.

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