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Worms way sucks

Do you remember this? Does anyone remember this? It doesn't seem to have been featured in any of the end-of-season round-ups.

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View Profile View Posts 4 Nov, am The hat and speech bank editors kinda shoot Team17 in the foot because if people can just make their own custom hats and speech banks, how can they charge for new ones? That way Team17 continuously makes money and has the incentive to keep improving the game They just wanna make as much money as they can when they can and then move on to the next cash cow. Against my better judgment I pre-ordered WMD because I felt optimistic that they were finally doing it right this time even with no beta but nope, got bamboozled again.

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It's simply in the nature of these blood-sucking, slimy creatures. They will always be gross. This "Giant Red Leech" captured on film for the first time? Probably the grossest.


The main problem with Reloaded is the GUI, the menu and other things that seemed to be very "consoley". Granted though, I think Reloaded takes the most skill to be great at.

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Yes, my computer skills in those days weren't exactly what you'd call "l33t hax0r," but getting the thing to load was all part of the fun. While that aspect of the game sadly isn't part of the upcoming Worms WMD, the ludicrously silly multiplayer fun most certainly is.

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Wasn't I. "That explains it," Chris mumbled behind me. "Dirk proposed Thanksgiving night.

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