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July 20, Question Is it true if you have sex with a very young virgin you will no longer have HIV. My friend said that he did that and is hiv free. Answer Hello, I'm shocked this question still comes up from time to time. I'm even more shocked that you, as a sexually active gay male, would even consider this morally reprehensible behavior a potential option!

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Kiarra Sylvester at YourTango has created a piece that gives us a firsthand perspective explaining the effects of losing your virginity at It's important for ALL little girls to know their self-worth. I lost my virginity just a month after turning

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These pics of course prompted rumors that maybe you were dating both of them, first Chris and then Soulja. Was there any truth to the rumors? Yeh I know.

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Photo: Courtesy of A24 Films. Warning: This post contains spoilers for Lady Bird. Around the time I turned 15, my best friend and I decided on the songs that absolutely had to be playing when we were to eventually lose our respective virginities.

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Silly us, we assumed that was all there was to know. The front row was an interesting mix: Kelly Osbourne attended with her hair still that medium shade of purple that reminds us a bit of dead wisteria.

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