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Since Kiira already had an abortion the year before, Kiira decides to keep the child. In the beginning, Lenni is sweet and supportive, chuffed to have a girlfriend at all, let alone one who is so beautiful, popular, and also carrying his child. However, there is no shortage of responsible Somali immigrant men who have revitalized the almost-abandoned local shopping center with their small businesses, restaurants, a mosque, and a Muslim community center. The irony is Abdi often fulfills a support role for Lenni and his mother, for example helping them move heavy things and giving them rides.

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If you have ever fallen head over heels in love with a special someone, you will agree that love can be as dangerous a drug as cocaine or heroin. The effect of being in love on the brain is comparable to the effect of the chemicals that are released when you take cocaine or heroin.

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