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She is passionate about promoting the message of God-defined womanhood through blogging, speaking, mentoring young women, and hosting Bible studies in her living room. Millions of Christian women single and married are facing similar temptations every day. We, as women, are not immune to lustful sins any more than men are. I am going to be very open and transparent in this post because I want you to know that Christ has the power to help us overcome our sin and to find lasting victory.

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The moment my breath hitched, he abandoned that teasing and simultaneously slid his fingers outwards along the top of the upper lines of rope on my chest all the way out to where they disappeared under my armpits. More shivers prickled my skin, and he reversed the motion. Then he repeated it on the underside of those same ropes.

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Even the smallest bird I'd gotten last year was too much for three of us. If Dirk wanted to go through the trouble of fighting the crowds at the grocery store, so be it. I tried not to imagine the awkward atmosphere at dinner where none of us talked. At all.

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