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Digestive tract mouth

Structure of the Digestive System What organs make up the digestive system? Your digestive system is uniquely constructed to perform its specialized function of turning food into the energy you need to survive and packaging the residue for waste disposal. To help you understand how the many parts of the digestive system work together, here is an overview of the structure and function of this complex system. Mouth The mouth is the beginning of the digestive tract; and, in fact, digestion starts here when taking the first bite of food.

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Bacteria in the large intestine can also break down food. How does food move through my GI tract? Food moves through your GI tract by a process called peristalsis.

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Components Historical depiction of the digestive system, 17th century Persia There are several organs and other components involved in the digestion of food. The organs known as the accessory digestive organs are the liver , gall bladder and pancreas.

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When you're finished, you take a last drink of milk, wipe your mouth, and head to your next class. In a few minutes you're thinking about the capital of Oregon or your science fair project. You've completely forgotten about that pizza lunch you just ate. But it's still in your stomach — sort of like a science experiment that happens all the time!

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There is a fundamental distinction between internal and external digestion. External digestion developed earlier in evolutionary history, and most fungi still rely on it.

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Digestive tract mouth
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