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Production[ edit ] The Tevis novel had been optioned several times, including by Frank Sinatra , but attempts to adapt it for the screen were unsuccessful. Director Rossen's daughter Carol Rossen speculates that previous adaptations focused too much on the pool aspects of the story and not enough on the human interaction. Rossen, who had hustled pool himself as a youth and who had made an abortive attempt to write a pool-themed play called Corner Pocket, optioned the book and teamed with Sidney Carroll to produce the script. The film crew built a dining area that was so realistic that confused passengers sat there and waited to place their orders.

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The Ames Billiard Hall is funereal in feel. When 'Fast Eddie' Felson walks in with Charlie, his manager, Charlie remarks, "These tables are the slabs they lay the stiffs on. The habitues of the pool hall cling to the shadows.

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I lie there in the dark and silence, grateful that the gym was closed on Monday and Tuesday for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I planned to just sleep through the holiday and continue my ritual pity party.

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I love that about you. " My cheeks weren't the only thing on fire now. I arched my hips to let him know.

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I didn't know how to tell you. Any of it.

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