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Karen Carstens, 43, was convicted of sexual abuse of a child on Wednesday. KHOU reports that the abuse began in , when Carstens volunteered to babysit her best friend's year-old son while the other woman was in the hospital. According to court documents, what initially started as touching eventually progressed to oral sex, which the victim said that Cartstens performed on him at least four times, including once in his family's living room. In May , while the boy's mother was again hospitalized, the victim and Carstens had sex on a couch, after which the boy cried because he was afraid of impregnating the woman.

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Then he pinched and twisted my nipples, making me gasp. "Does he know you like it hard and rough sometimes?" My arms and head seemed frozen.

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Gasping out his name while trying to keep my hands behind my head. Chris released his hold momentarily only to pull me by my waist back to him.

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No matter what it is. I swear-" "I had a miscarriage. " The words just kind of fell out.

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I was so lost in them that I didn't realize at first that he'd slid a finger in my ass and was rubbing against the reverse Prince Albert piercing that pressed along the membrane wall on the other side. "Mmm.

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