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A sweet coming of age movie about a self-proclaimed geek senior in high school he's actually way cooler than any high schooler we've ever met , watch this if you feel like a pick-me-up about friendship and new belonging. Up Next: The Sandlot Shop Definitely one of the grittier movies on our list of the best coming-of-age movies, Thirteen paints a very real image of the pressures and emotions that teenagers wrestle with as they grow and learn. It's loosely based on the life of Nikki Reed, the screenplay writer.

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So often, high school-set features tend to lean into the more fun side of those four years, building up to the big dance or the big test or the big graduation, and while Lady Bird is consumed with getting to the next step, she stumbles a lot on the way. From a fraught relationship with her mom Metcalf to a falling out with her best pal Feldstein to a very messy romantic life, Lady Bird is as authentic as they come. Like many girls her age, Minnie is struggling to find her place in the world, a journey made all the more difficult by her seemingly unstoppable hormones. Instead of responding with positivity and maturity, she basically implodes her entire life, all in the hopes of cratering the burgeoning relationship and hoarding Krista all to herself.

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Baha'i[ edit ] Turning 15, the "age of maturity," as the Baha'i faith terms it, is a time when a child is considered spiritually mature. Declared Baha'is that have reached the age of maturity are expected to begin observing certain Baha'i laws , such as obligatory prayer and fasting.

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Share Tweet Submit Pin Who gets to come of age? As Stranger Things Season One aptly illustrates, only boys get coming-of-age stories. I found the series that the world fell in love with last year deeply troubling, while also enjoying it and retaining hope for Season Two. Coming-of-age stories have probably always been popular.

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