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Industry canada amateur callsigns

As the previous station holder is it possible for me to transfer this call to our club so we can use it on a repeater? Not until you die. YOU are the former holder, not the club. So there is no way for the club to claim it as a former holder.

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These generally but not always begin with "CB". John's long before confederation.

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Secure Shopping. Instant unlock keycode delivery via e-mail Here are a few screenshots from the software: Transport Canada Ham Radio Amateur Certification Information Introduction Traditionally, amateur radio operators were issued two separate authorizations; an Amateur Radio Operator Certificate and a radio station licence. The Amateur Radio Operator Certificate was issued for life and had no fee associated with it, while the radio station licence was issued on a yearly basis and a licence renewal fee was charged.

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No application is required, just place the Canadian call-area prefix before your callsign or after the callsign, for US hams in Canada. Foreign hams from other countries not covered by CEPT or IARP, but from a country that has a reciprocal-operating agreement with Canada, may apply for a "ministerial authorization" a temporary permit, with a callsign made up of a Canadian prefix, a slash, then the callsign from your home country from Industry Canada , the telecommunications regulator there. Authorizations should be issued along the same lines as listed below for hams from the USA or those holding CEPT or IARP authorizations, but it is possible that the ministerial authorization will be more specific than that. I am not going to restate the entire contents of that web site, but comment on how Canada views foreign amateur licenses and how I obtained my Canadian amateur license in April

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Industry canada amateur callsigns pity, that
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