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Hide comments Custom Request: "At the very beginning of the video I would like for your full body and face to be visible, and I would like for you to walk close to the camera then turn around so that your ass is directly facing the camera. I would like for your ass to be close to the camera with some of your back and legs to be in the camera frame with your ass in the middle of the camera frame. I attached a pic called "close to camera" so you can see how close I would like for your ass to be.

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But there's one adjacent area that could use a little more erotic attention: Your butt cheeks. These pillowy protectors are actually an incredible area to stimulate during sex or foreplay—and not just on the way to full-on butt sex.

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"Remember that day in June when we were working on the busted pipe in their bathroom sink?" I nodded. "My mom kept wanting to go through some old boxes, but I wanted to help you.

I couldn't understand why she was so insistent on doing that right then.

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My pussy throb in response. But I bit my lip, wanting to let him finish. "I reached out for help from someone I knew in the local group. I wanted to get back into the lifestyle.

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"I wonder if he knows how to play you. That the slightest nuance in his touch can produce a different sound from you. " Down in the valley between my breasts went his fingers, tracing the V-shape he'd created in the way he'd bound me.

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