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Begin Slideshow Illustrated by Anna Sudit. The way most people talk about oral sex , it sounds pretty simple.

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" He turned my chin back to him, though I was staring at our laps. "Look at me. " I blinked, feeling dampness on my eyelashes as I obeyed.

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Thank God, he didn't tell me to open them again. Each brush of his fingertips along the outside of each fleshy globe-around my areolas-pulled another moan from me. The heat of his palm was palpable as it lingered over one nipple, which seemed to strain for his contact.

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I can feel you squeezing around me. Milking my cock. " I recovered enough to turn my head and watch him again.

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" "I support you, no matter what your decision. But thank you for asking. " "Mmm. You are amazing.

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