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Background[ edit ] The earliest known recipe for sponge cake or biscuit bread from Gervase Markham 's The English Huswife is prepared by mixing flour and sugar into eggs, then seasoning with anise and coriander seeds. The delicate texture of sponge and angel food cakes, and the difficulty of their preparation, meant these cakes were more expensive than daily staple pies. At the historic Frances Virginia Tea Room in Atlanta sponge cake with lemon filling and boiled icing was served, while New York City's Crumperie served not only crumpets but toasted sponge cake as well.

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I'd just expected it would happen before I turned thirty. But unless it happens in the next fifteen days. " He squeezed my hand back. "I hear you, honey.

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Fine. " Was this all really happening. An apology and money from the guy who had never given me the time of day despite all of the times we'd been in the same room.

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Without a word, he supported my neck to help me sit up, removed my top and bra, and then secured my hands behind my back. He stared at my chest for a moment before reaching into the box again.

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