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Who can have an orgasm when there is that kind of expectation placed on one round? Especially when for many couples sex is already a big part of their routine, so it's hard to make the naughty deed stand out on their big night. Since wedding night sex can sometimes be super overrated, sweet and romantic, or even a disaster, we asked 10 real brides how their wedding night sex or lack thereof went down. Some kind and caring friends warned us that the night would fly by and we'd be exhausted at the end, so we hightailed it out of our ceremony and through a few post-ceremony photos with our photographers to have some alone time together.

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He overpowers his wife, until something brings back memories of the past. Aditya sat surrounded by his friends.

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But, she accepted the marriage proposal because she was sure her parents would find the best guy for her. It was like a long distance virtual relationship for them. Apr 30, at am PDT It all seemed intimidating and strange.

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She made me wait in the bedroom while she got changed. She came out wearing bright red footie-pajamas. It broke the tension and we proceeded to have sex twice.

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Or not. Because, according to these three brides, wedding night sex left a little or a lot to be desired.

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"I wonder if this guy knows how sensitive you are. " Chris placed his right hand directly on my pubic bone and slid his thumb down to stroke back and forth above the cleft of my shaved pussy. Sparks shot out from my core inside, and my body lifted up, hovering in the air for a second before flopping back to the couch. He did it again with the same effect.

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Before I could even ask about the pie I always made, she mentioned that as she had cut back on sweets, she hoped I wasn't too upset if we just skipped dessert altogether. I held my tongue when I really wanted to lay into her that with all the sex she was having, she would surely burn off any new calories within minutes.

I wanted to be mad at Jolie, but I knew she was just going along with what her boyfriend wanted. Once again, Dirk was to blame for my sour mood.

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Each time I started coughing and sniffling, he hushed me. Rocked me. Kissed my damp hair. At some point, I got turned around and snuggled closer to him.

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