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Condom giant Durex's global sex survey had some startling findings. For the survey, Durex interviewed 33, people from 42 countries.

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Cateogory: Strange Stories 2,, views From a tribe of semen-drinking men to the community of brothers sharing a wife, amaze yourself with these 10 shocking tribal sex traditions from around the world. Paying for dinner and a movie to get someone into the sack is so passe, or at least foreign to other cultures. Take a look at some of the rituals other peoples practice.

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Contact "The deeper secrets of spiritual life are unraveled to those who take risks and who make bold experiments with it. They are not meant for the idler who seeks guarantees at every step. Those who speculate from the shore about the ocean shall know only its surface, but those who would know the depths of the ocean must be willing to plunge into it.

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Sex Dating Indian tribes and masturbation The menstrual cycle issue is a personal matter of conscious on the part of the woman and her traditional tribal teachings on the subject. And yes, of course, there is a lot of shit among the shinola, and people with bad intentions, charlatans, and misguided naivete who run around thinking they can heal or navigate these realms do run amok. But on the flipside, there is a shitload of malicious and misguided behavior that goes on among indigenous shamans as well. Chaorder Gradient Aug 15, at 9: In one incident in the early s about members of the Hindu fundamentalist Bharatiya Janata Party BJP raided a theater in Bombay and ripped up marquee, chased patrons out and splattered black ink all over the screen.

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Ancient history[ edit ] There are depictions of male and female masturbation in prehistoric rock paintings around the world. Most early people seem to have connected human sexuality with abundance in nature.

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