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At the time I was 20 and she was This is a true story. When you live on the edge, experimenting with sex like I did, and seek out new things, they do happen sometimes. Grew up in the country.

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Little had I known what had awaited me at the mall. In the bedroom. We'd come so far in eleven months.

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Please. " "Chris?" "I want to explain. Just. not here.

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My pelvis rose to him. We both let out broken moans when his flesh touched mine. It was just the tip of his cock-primarily the reverse Prince Albert ring-that brushed my outer pussy lips, but it was electrifying.

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" "Woman, you are an enigma," he groaned and kissed me softly. "Sometimes, I fear a bad reaction, but you surprise me with the opposite.

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Still, I tried to explain. "I was going to surprise you tomorrow with the good news.

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